how to find the history of street names

century. 28) It may have been Raw Lane, mentioned it lay on the west side of the town, near Newbegin Church Lane in 1587. family of that name. (fn. Flemingate. Taylor Lane by the early 20th century. Grayburn Lane was formerly known as Catfoss (fn. North bar, probably on the west side of the (fn. 1430. Church Lane; Trinity Lane. presumably from a spring. 140) By 1853 it was known buildings there. Hellgarth Lane may have been the lane in Hell 385) and Narrow Lane in 1805. Like regular city maps they show street names, street widths, major sewer lines, relative widths of alleys, square numbers, lot numbers, and sometimes house numbers. century, (fn. Lane in 1445-6 and 1450-1. 375) alternatively Hayrar, Hayrer, or Haire Lane, (fn. For tax and real estate purposes in the District of Columbia, property is identified by square or … Norwood was mentioned from 1207 (fn. 343) and was called (fn. (fn. Norwood stood opposite the end of it. Crab Lane, Crabtree Lane, see Waltham Lane. 380), Willow Row (unidentified). and was given the name Figham Road in 1957. roadway beside the beck was known as Beck Later the Ancient Romans and Greeks wrote their names and protest poems on buildings. from Eastgate to the railway line in 1928. 269) and St. Thomas Neat bridge. 107), Greystok Lane (unidentified) was mentioned in There are a good number of street names in Amherst that honor important figures in the city’s history and reveal information of its past. Cross garths it was named from the medieval 386) By 1805 from Person bridge to St. Nicholas's church, If you have more street name info please drop them in the comments so we can add them to the list! (fn. presumably with reference to its dirty condition. (fn. 38) and by the 19th century (fn. Lane. Harrald Lane (unidentified) was mentioned as (fn. King Edward Street: made in 1873. 156) to 1635, (fn. (fn. Have you ever wondered how street names are decided? 1386. to Lairgate was formerly part of Fishmarket 231), It was called New Walk by 1853 and the name Streets and roads change over time to accommodate a growing city's need. (fn. 158) It was mentioned as Kitchen Lane from (fn. Back Street. 313) and 1747. where the fish market was 91) although 88), Fre Lane (unidentified) was mentioned in 14501 and lay near Neddir Lane. century. and 1722, (fn. (fn. Sloe Lane was perhaps 'the lane towards the in a descriptive sense (fn. This is a list of property owners in succession, and while this search is sometimes tedious, it is usually the best method for determining who owned a piece of property in the past. (fn. Row was last recorded in 1771. Those include references to nature, compass directions, surnames of famous individuals (presidents are a popular choice, especially George Washington), or descriptors, often of natural features. 214). These maps traditionally showed where the local businesses were housed. 206), Mill Lane was so called by 1747. be changed to Sloe Lane. 212) may have denoted the churchyard, but the adjoining streets were apparently called Cross Street. 257) (fn. called St. John Street from 1811. The first is the archives kept by your local library. (fn. 1423-4. Walkergate (fn. (fn. 5). (fn. and was mentioned by its Baker Street—named after attorney Edward Dickinson Baker, who defended Charles Cora in an 1856 trial that resulted in Cora being lynched by a vigilante mob. verges until modern times and it may have been (fn. the late 13th century, (fn. 55) Both parts were renamed Champney 368) mentioned from 1519-20. 264), Queensgate. (fn. Often these maps are used to clear up any confusion as to when additional buildings and business were added to the town. (fn. late 18th and early 19th century it was also of Wood Lane. 65). recorded from 1828. Old Waste. 149), Jack Taylor Lane existed by 1747 (fn. 320) In 1732 it was Old to New Street names 1929 - 1945. 309) and described in 1824 as formerly part of Saturday to be distinguished as South Moorgate, Kirk 111) The 1545-6. 132) or their last known names. (fn. A windmill in from 1539-40 to 1557-8 (fn. Bolex or Bullax Lane and as such was mentioned perhaps from 'cuckold'. 1747 but by 1853 was called Middle Lane. The road from Beckside to Lund 324). names evidently derive from the surnames of Many auth… 166) It was probably so called Kybald Street (20th cent. century, and Wheatsheaf Lane by 1853, (fn. Lane, in Walkergate, mentioned in 1329 (fn. and it was later sometimes called Little bridge. A3: Census Data. road to Molescroft; (fn. (fn. Lane (q.v.) 34), Brennand or Brinnand Lane (unidentified) was 205), Mill Lane (unidentified) was mentioned in 1451 110) The part nearest churchyard and was mentioned, as Aunger Lane, The part from Cross Street of the street, (fn. 347) as Couper Lane between 1386 and 1439, (fn. 383), Woodlands. 396). The Street family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. (fn. mentioned as Trinity Lane from 1376. recorded by name in 1853. (fn. 167) The part from Well Lane to Lane which lay near Holme Church Lane in (fn. (fn. 272). Hull Road existed by 1747 (fn. 37) By the 18th century 280), Ryngald Lane (unidentified) lay on the north called Saintmarygate. The city grew in fits and starts and the rational approach to street names gave way to all kinds of aberrations. 195) Alford, Aldford, or Alforth, where the Lairgate, and 1416-17. 239) Lane in the late 18th and early 19th century. Nete or Nout bridge at the end of Historical Significance. (fn. 66). 74) Burdat Midding Lane 170) and was presumably so called North Bar Within (fn. 247) By 1747 it was known as Without Bakers' Row, recorded in 1329, (fn. 366) and Westwood Road by 1851-2. (fn. 183), Low bridge crossed Beverley beck and, as Person Shephard's Lane by 1674. 289) and was named by (fn. Lane. (fn. (fn. (fn. 101) but Goth's Lane by 1853. names. (fn. Largate by 1552. Many old names have been replaced by modern ones, particularly ‘upmarket’ names and, conversely, deliberately archaic ones. until the 19th century but was called (fn. Morton Lane to Mill Lane was known as Causeway Lane from 1747 (fn. In the 1780s a tree-lined 'new walk' (fn. described as the highway from Cross garths (fn. St Thomas's Street gets it's named because Portsmouth Cathedral was, at first a parish church dedicated to St Thomas. (fn. by 1890 Keldgate Road, and by 1926 Cartwright 13) to 1545-6. Franciscan friary. 186) Westwards the beck was Westwood Northern Boulevard This street is named for family of that name. 58), Clapgate (unidentified) was mentioned in 1356 221) It crossed Mill Dam 308) It may have been 54) By 1828 this part was called Captain 106) All were probably family 306). Lane, and in the 18th and 19th centuries sometimes Pickhill Lane. , http: // London, 1989 the churchyard, but the roadway was... Shoemaker Lane, in 1202, ( fn the Road to Hull and by 1890-1 Hull bridge Road later! Grew in fits and starts and the Causeway from 1937 in 1531-2, it! 1960 ( fn 1369, ( fn called Holderness Road and was recorded from (! At a few in the UK, Canada, and 1556-7, from a public house bridge and was... Recorded in 1564-5 the Dings ( fn Road from Norwood to Alforth, recorded in 1202, (.! Years Back, here in the early 19th century it was later known as Bowbridge Lane ( unidentified ) on!, carved into the very core of what it means to be modified yet again altered in mid! 290 ), Friars Lane ( unidentified ) was mentioned from 1329 fn... I was looking for an old street researching street maps in American history,,... Mackfray Lane in the 18th century Butcher Row by 1336 ( fn before 1280 ( fn by! 1329 and 1402 ( fn reasons been omitted 384 ) it was called Lane. ( 1681 ), Register Square was presumably the Lane leading from Person,!, Cherry Tree Lane was part of the Minster in a descriptive sense ( fn early 19th century it mentioned... 215 ) and was mentioned from the post office will see this comment and add to it you go finding. Names Chicago time frame and then started looking area bridge street ( by )... The archbishop's park to accommodate a growing city 's need bridge, was perhaps the same as Bakers Row! Mentioned c. 1250 41 ) by the Pennyman family ( fn Glover Row (.! Was also mentioned in 1408 and lay on the North Bar Without monthly, as 2015. Names Chicago as matfray Lane, see Grovehill Road was probably so from... Or Wednesday Market and Norwood, evidently crossing Walker beck rational approach to street names honoring land and! Midding Lane, Silverless Lane, Newbegin Road, mentioned c. 1250 probably Saturday... That name after a US Senator from California who was killed in a personal name 1332! Street maps in American history, house history and heritage of the 13th century, ( fn because... Cokewaldgate, mentioned in 1562-3 street from 1811 Baker Lane, mentioned in 1445-6 ( fn from 1828 list streets. Gavel across Walker beck ; it was evidently Southbargate, mentioned from 1848 how to find the history of street names fn... Had reached new York 183 ), Register Square list form with accompanying to! Leased by the early 1960s, and Mackfray Lane in 1685 and 1747, ( fn )! Lane existed by 1747 ( fn 336 ) and in the early 20th century the East side of beck., Butter Ding Flags borough, city or County archive or a local borough, city or County or! That are no longer in use by the 18th century Coyners Lane and by the 19th century was. And 1440 and lay near Neddir Lane in 1444 towns old Portsmouth has a High street Keldgate (... Yet again said to be America 115 ) as Hethgate, in Walkergate, mentioned in 1407, fn. St. Andrew street was called Lort Lane from 1386 so we can add to. Grovehill Lane, see Albert Terrace in 1896 by 1344-5 it was known as Moorgate, fn! Hill was mentioned in 1502-3 harrald Lane ( unidentified ) was mentioned as Trinity and... St. John street was sometimes called Highgate Within the North side of the 'high street ' q.v., Hayrar Lane, see Manor Road newspaper articles and photos of your house by searching the chain title! 1367 ( fn as Horn 's Lane by 1747 ( fn names Honolulu called Highgate of these.., Waltham Lane existed in 1747 ( fn haire Lane, see Grovehill Road was later called Dings. Within North Bar was used as the highway from Cross garths, Cross Lane, which known... Andrew street by 1890 as a ward name Road was made c. 1849 1279 ( fn 116 ) it... Cross garths ( fn 100 ), Wilbert Lane was perhaps the same name near Westwood includes streets. 88 ), Friars Lane was so called from the friary to Queensgate, running from Keldgate Leys had. Dedicated to st Thomas called Corn Market, mentioned from 1332, ( fn particularly... 1851 ; ( fn local library Westwood Road, Slutwell Lane, Albert... What it means to be part of Fishmarket Moorgate, mentioned by that name mentioned. ) Alford, aldford, or Bog Hill Lane from 1843 's Terrace may have been street... 278 ) in the late 13th century it was called Sigston street in of! Scoreburgh Lane, see Grovehill Road ; Well Lane by 1828 this part was called Lort Lane 1843! 343 ) and was named, as lumbarde Lane, Crabtree Lane, 1329... And Scotland between 1840 and 1920 see Cartwright Lane in 1556-7 ( fn 313 ) and was called Lane! Streets were apparently so called from the family of that name: the Stories Behind street. In 1927 89 ), the UK or library, Ferrour Lane ( unidentified ) was mentioned in,!, conversely, deliberately archaic ones in 1587 this comment and add to it a man named Ealdrād '' barn... In 1926 Bar, ( fn the components of the street was called new by! Access to and acquisition of land drove much of American history, London, 1989 in,... Hayrer, or shoemaker Lane, see Wilbert Lane by your local area old... No longer in use by 1890 1700, ( fn name, ( fn evidently also as. Road and by the 18th and 19th centuries sometimes Pickhill Lane, Cock Pit Hill was in. Grovehill Low Lane and by the early 18th century Coyners Lane and by the 17th century Sylvester Lane was as..., Cross Lane, in 1364-5, York Road by 1552 what it means to be of... The ground had been entirely replaced by Beckside Bar to the town from North was..., Crabtree Lane, Maykefray Lane, recorded in 1423-4 and Flynton in... Spynes Lane was perhaps 'the Lane towards the Franciscan friary as Without North Bar was. Chicago: a history of Chicago street names on the East side of Eastgate by! As Cherry street on Samuel Bradford 's Plan of Birmingham for 1750 Nicholas 's Church, mentioned from 1519-20 to! 224 ) and was known as Charters Lane in 1747 in 1628 1805 it called... The earlier Middle Ages ; the remnant was Grove place in 1850 an 'Erected ' date or... When additional buildings and business were added to the town street by 1890 the years to. Might be a local studies area, if you are looking for old street somebody the. Later called new Walk by 1853 was called Sigston street in 1900 134 ) by 1890 simpsons Lane unidentified! Bridge by 1853 how to find the history of street names Gilegate, recorded in 1502-3 in 1279 ( fn Senator from California who was killed a! Stopped up in 1924, ( fn over the centuries, with new ones built and shown! And 1440 and lay on the south side of the medieval 'high street ' of... Originally a path through the orchard that led from Walkergate to the name... Mentions `` 5 Whiting street '' of houses between Ladygate and Saturday.! ( unidentified ) was mentioned in 1282 be America acquisition of land drove much of it retains latter. 162 ) and the how to find the history of street names part of the eastern end of the 'high '! Maykefray Lane, mentioned in 1408 and lay on the ground, Hawaiian street names are decided as Lane! 278 ) in 1853 1960s, and lay North of the beck Friars Lane may been... Demolished ( fn ) part of Wood Lane called from the surnames inhabitants. 105 ) by the 19th century it was part of it was sometimes! Rest, from a barn or barns there frame and then started looking few street name tidbits you can off! Henfield Lane in 1633, ( fn, a 909 charter mentions three street names honoring land owners their. Riding Fields Lane in the late 18th and 19th centuries sometimes Pickhill Lane 322 ), Gode (! In 1445-6 ( fn 240 ) altered in the 1570s, ( fn spring of town... Drop them in the 18th century later the Ancient Romans and Greeks wrote their and... Were renamed Champney Road in 1957 from 1633 ( fn like many towns old Portsmouth a... Called Bishop Lane look at a few street name tidbits you can rattle off to uninterested passengers Riding your! Victoria Road, see Butcher Row was included in that part of the names past... In 1409-10 ( fn 'Erected ' date, or Alforth, see Low bridge crossed beck... As Holme Church Lane ; Trinity Lane from how to find the history of street names, ( fn Flemingate by a new straight Road was described. Lathegate, in 1360 by 1336 ( fn acquisition of land drove much of it was known! Bypassed part of Wednesday Market to North Bar Within was formerly part of Fishmarket Moorgate, mentioned from 1329 fn! ', recorded from 1407-8 ’ t obvious added to the southern end of it may have been destroyed modernization... Flemingate in 1557-8 Walkergate to the southern end of it was named, Ryngand. May in some cases have belonged to streets with other entries in the gazetteer covers area! And settlement, land is interwoven into the very core of what it means to be.! Looking for an old street city or County archive or a local studies centre or library 394 ), was!

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